City Opera

Music for Story's Sake

The Andrée Expedition

by Dominick Argento

April 1, 2, and 3 at Bread and Salt in Barrio Logan
1955 Julian Ave
San Diego, California

Based on true events, The Andrêe Expedition tells the story of Andrée, Strindberg, and Frænkel, who began their trip to the North Pole in a hot air balloon on July 11, 1897. Their records break off three months later. Thirty-three years later their bodies were discovered and returned to Sweden, at which time the diaries and notebooks of Andrée and Strindberg were published: most of the text for this cycle is taken directly from them.  A harrowing and tragic tale of spirit, love, and doom, The Andrêe Expedition brings to light the uncertain explorer in all of us. 


Special thanks to "Camarada" for their generous support and donation. It's inspiring to have such wonderful partners in art.