City Opera

Music for Story's Sake

"St. Francis de los barrios"

A Commissioned work By Joseph waters & allan havis

Wednesday, December 6, 7:00pm, 8:00pm Reception

Atkinson Auditorium inside Atkinson Hall at UC San Diego

UCSD, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093



St. Francis

St. Francis

The chamber opera, roughly with 10% Spanish language text, celebrates a dangerous, charismatic androgynous man, Francis, squatting in the abandon buildings of Tijuana. Francis, age 25 and stricken with HIV, has survived by selling his body and illicit drugs. When the opera starts, he has turned his life around from anonymous street vagrant to celebrated prophet. For hundreds and hundreds of hopeless Mexicans, Francis has healed the sick, found housing for starving families, scared the drug cartels away.  Local media and TV notice large chiaroscuro images of the Virgin Mary form on the streetscape of any hovel occupied by Francis. Within weeks, his wild reputation as St. Francis de los barrios has grown worldwide which threatens the Mexican authorities, companies, the cartels and even the US/Mexican border. Prompted by the excited Mexican Cardinal, Pope Francis has decided to visit this remarkable young man, triggering great alarm for two bordering nations during the early reign of a new American President. The internal drama for this rendition of St. Francis concerns his complex past love relationships with attending medic Selina, who gave birth to Francis' child a year ago, and Pedro who has been a long lover to Francis. Francis, as a mystic, senses the world will end in less than a generation if people fail to revolt and he also knows he cannot live beyond the next few months. In the exchange with the Pope, street Francis convinces The Pope that our age is approaching a cathartic, exacting horizon.


CITY Opera’s St. Francis de los barrios -  is hosted by Qualcomm Institutes Ideas Performance Series - ATTENDANCE IS FREE!

Hosted by Qualcomm Institute’s IDEAs performance series 

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