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CITY Opera needs your help.

We aren't going to ask you for money (yet), but we are going to ask for a favor, please. City Opera has exciting things planned for our inaugural 2015/16 season we can't wait to share.

CITY Opera is a new, artist-driven opera company in San Diego dedicated to building community by turning beautiful music into stunning theatre and contributing to the dynamic reimagining of opera in America for the 21st century. We promote opera as a living and essential art form, which provokes, thrills and transforms human lives. CITY Opera champions new and contemporary works in English, works by American composers, non-traditional repertoire, and fundamental re-conceptualizations of standard operas. With an emphasis on community building, we tell stories through music that are rooted in our unique citizenry.

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Cynthia Stokes, Co-Artistic Director

Cory Hibbs, Co-Artistic Director