City Opera

Music for Story's Sake


San Diego City Opera champions new and contemporary works in English and Spanish, works by American composers, non-traditional repertoire, and the fundamental reconceptualization of standard operas. With an emphasis on community building, we tell stories through music that are rooted in our unique citizenry. We promote opera as a living and essential art form, which provokes, thrills and transforms human lives. City Opera is music for story's sake. We are dedicated to building community by turning beautiful music into stunning theatre and contributing to the dynamic reimagining of opera in America for the 21st century. We create opera productions in a variety of locations throughout the city of San Diego, CA. We are itinerant by choice and believe that through our unique works San Diegans see themselves and their city in a new positive way. St. Francis de los barrios is San Diego City Opera’s first commission.

CITY Opera was co-founded by Cynthia Stokes and Cory Hibbs in 2014.